New Jazz Guitar Programme!


Hi all, I'm really pleased to announce the syllabus for my new Jazz Guitar course is almost done and I'll be releasing further details about it over the next few days.

Learning to play jazz is often seen as complicated and difficult, but it needn't be. While there may be a lot to learn, once you get a few basic principles nailed down, with regular practice you can progress quickly. This course sets out to get you blowing (improvising) great lines and chords as soon as possible.

The programme has been designed to make a step change in your playing, and will be individually tailored to meet your needs and development. It's really aimed at serious players wanting to make rapid improvement, and get the best from the tons of self study materials available these days. (Though I reckon the best self study materials are often two things you have already: your record collection and your ears... It's really just learning how to use them!)

The programme is aimed at intermediate to advanced ability players, and you will need at least a basic understanding of chords, scales and rhythm as a foundation. The programme will last for 12 weeks of regular lessons over a total period of 16 weeks with personal tutor support over the period from me. 

Building and working a repertoire is a large part of the process, you will learn many jazz 'standards' plus bebop, blues and contemporary tunes. There will also be detailed study of the masters of jazz guitar e.g: Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Pat Martino, George Benson, Pat Metheny, John Schofield and Larry Carlton. 

I'm really looking forward to delivering this programme, more to follow soon!