Hi welcome to Dave Bold - Guitar Tuition.        

Ever wanted to learn to play the coolest instrument in the world? Play already and want to improve? Or perhaps add new aspects to your playing?

Whether it's learning to play jazz standards, rock songs, a bunch of new chords, fiddle tunes arranged for guitar, the blues, country, soul, disco, funk, folk, fusion and pop songs, improvisation, sight reading, picking technique, improving your musical listening skills, performance technique, technical skills, or learning the all conquering hypo-mixo-melodic-phrygian scale (!) along with many others.... I can probably help.

While there are a million resources out there on the internet, on discs and in books to help you play... only a guitar teacher can help you set goals, provide motivation and set a pace of progress that is right for you. A good teacher will certainly help you progress more quickly and take you forward with far greater motivation, clarity and purpose.

What are your goals? What do you want to achieve in your playing? Personal satisfaction, have fun, play with friends, join a band, jam nights, singer-songwriter, maybe music as a career? It's all do-able. Get your guitar and lets go! :-)

To book a free introductory lesson drop me a line at dave@davebold.com, or give me a call on 07905 859416

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

What happens in the free introductory lesson?
The idea behind the introductory guitar lesson is for you to find out if I'm the right teacher for you. And for me to find out what you want to be able to play, the level of experience you have already, and how to join up what you already know with your guitar playing goals!

What kind of things do you cover in lessons?
Typical lessons include:

  - Learning songs & tunes - there are so many great songs and tunes out there, which ones do you want to know?

  - Chords & scales - building your musical scaffold so you can learn a lot more music and quicker!

  - Practical harmony - understanding this really opens up your ears and the fretboard.

  - Stylistic accompaniment - i.e. learning to accompany yourself, or others in a wide range of styles.

  - Ear training - music is a listening thing! If you can hear it, you can play it!

  - Music and chord chart reading & understanding - opens up so many musical doors.

  - Improvisation - an essential and very creative part of making music.

The musical styles I cover reflect what you want to know.  Who is your favourite guitar player? What's your favourite song? Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Celtic, Country, and all the hybrid styles in between, they all connect. My job in teaching you is finding the connection with what you like and steering you through it, adding as much musical ability as possible along the way.

How much do lessons cost?
Cost of lessons depend upon your age approximately and experience. The first lesson is introductory and is free, thereafter lessons are booked in blocks of 6 with payment due on the day of the first lesson of the block.

Lesson prices are:

£9.33 per lesson (20 minutes) for younger children. A block of 6 lessons is £56.

£14 per lesson (30 minutes) for children under age 16. A block of 6 lessons is £84.

£28 per lesson (1 hour) for adults, A block of 6 lessons is £168.

Individual one-off, 1 hour lessons are £33 each and last 1 hour.

Please note: Additional charges may apply if I'm travelling to you and I need to get in a car or on public transport to get there.

Please email me for full details of rates and terms and conditions:  dave@davebold.com

Where are guitar lessons held?
Generally at my house in Beckenham, south London; but they can be at your house or office. Note there may be an additional charge for traveling to you.

How long do guitar lessons last?
For adults (i.e. over age 16) lessons are an hour long. For younger children 20 minutes, for older children 30 minutes. One off lessons can also be booked for either one or two hours.

What would I learn in a one-off lesson?
It depends how quickly you learn and can retain everything we go through, some people soak up information like a sponge, others take a little longer! There are hand-outs and a summary of what's been covered of course - lessons can be recorded if you require. The one-off lessons are really aimed at players with specific needs, for example, people wanting to fast track on starting a new playing style. Or those players who can't commit to regular lessons.

Can two students have lessons together?
Yes, working in partnership can be a great way to progress your learning. Lessons also work out a little cheaper with a reduction in cost of fees for both students. (Make sure you pick somebody you can get on with!)

How old do children need to be to start guitar lessons?
Age 8+. The main consideration is the size of their hands, the width of the guitar neck and the proportionate size of the instrument. It's very important to get this right, how comfortable they feel will affect how often they will want to play and practice.

Do students need their own guitar?
Absolutely. There are a lot of different types and sizes, if you need help in choosing one to buy I would be happy to help.

Do you keep track of students' progress?
Yes indeed! Clear practice targets are set and recorded in each guitar lesson, so that both students and I know exactly what we are working on.

What's RGT?
The Register of Guitar Tutors. It's a professional organisation that organises music grade exams for popular music styles ie: rock, jazz, country etc. RGT grades are accredited by QCA, and awarded by the London College of Music. Its a great way to measure your progress and give you targets to work towards. Grades run from beginners right up to advanced level. Check the Register of Guitar Tutors website for more details, or call me if you need to check if this is for you.

What qualifications and experience have you got?
I have a BMus (Hons) degree from the University of London (Goldsmith's), many years of experience as a guitar player and of working in education. I taught electric guitar at Sevenoaks School in Kent in the mid-1980s and later worked at the famous BRIT Performing Arts and Technology School in Croydon for 13 years, mostly as their Careers and Work Based Learning Adviser (though I did teach some guitar as well!). I also have a Diploma in Careers Guidance postgraduate qualification (DipCG) and Morrisby Level A award in psychometric testing. I hold a clear current CRB check.

Do you give careers consultations too?
Yes I do. I cover pretty much anything career-wise but, given my background, I tend to specialise in advising on how to obtain work in competitive industries, including the performing arts, music business, media, production arts, CVs & letters of application (all types), university & college applications to music, arts and media courses etc.

As well as giving a good indication of generally where your skills might be well suited, a careers consultation can be really useful in assessing where your motivation lies in terms of your guitar playing too, e.g: how you get from being a student guitar player to a professional musician will depend on a range of factors, both in music and whatever else is going on in your life.