"Dave's a great guitar teacher. Just a couple of short lessons has improved my fretboard work a lot. Thanks Dave. Look forward to more in 2017".  Tony M.

"I recently started learning to play the guitar as a complete beginner and have found that Dave is an extremely patient, encouraging and enthusiastic teacher. He explains everything very clearly and simply for me which is just what I need! " Mary Twinn

"Elliott Randall meets George Benson......Dave Bold's artistry with a guitar lends class to whatever musical situation he finds himself in. His laid back temperament makes him the ideal teacher.....prospective pupils should look no further." Keiron D.


"Dave Bold is a superb player; across musical genres he is hugely knowledgeable, accomplished and inventive. His understanding of music is extensive, his engagement with players at all levels is, in the spirit of his own music, open, generous and encouraging." D M

"A fantastic guitar player and inspirational teacher. Dave Bold not only delivers soulful music with an soothing intuitive style, he is also able to bring the best out of anyone willing to learn." HB

"Dave is one of the finest guitarists in the south London circuit. He plays with feeling, intuition and great artistry. He also knows what he's doing and can explain it incredibly simply. Good skills all round." Tom Cassidy

"Great guitar playing at Dover Street on Saturday Dave, very soulful, how do you do that stuff? Maybe I need to get some lessons! Looking forward to the next one." David Dalston

"I have been rehearsing with Dave for a couple of months now on a new project. Dave Bold is a master of the Jazz guitar in my opinion. An honour to accompany him." Will (Drums)