New guitar for Christmas? Get a free lesson from me!

This offer has been popular for the last few years, so I'm offering it again this year, although slightly different due to the Covid-19 Omicron restrictions in that my lessons are currently only online, through Skype, Zoom, Webex or Facetime. Although if anything like 2021 this will revert to face to face lessons as the pandemic risk reduces.

Improving what you play already? This would be a great starting point. Many guitarists have used my lessons to widen their musical horizons by adding new styles into their playing: Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Classical, Hard Rock. It could also cover improvising (all styles), sight reading, fretboard knowledge - in short, being able to play anywhere on the fretboard - and music theory.

Complete beginner? I meet a lot people who say "Ah, the guitar: I bought one but couldn't get started on it..." Well the short answer is they probably would have, if they'd had a few pointers on how to get started; i.e. what to practice in those early stages so they could make good progress, how to get over those new beginners' 'humps' and how to start sounding musical as soon as possible.

So, if you're getting new guitar (or bass, or ukulele, or banjo!) for Christmas... Get started with a free lesson from me! 

To take up this offer simply email me ( giving the name of the person receiving the guitar, I'll send you a personalised electronic copy of the flyer below. After that just contact me to arrange a time for your lesson. Job done. 

This could also be a major help if you're making a New Year's resolution to play a few songs on your new guitar by Easter; what a great start this would be! 

If you're gifting a guitar to someone it also makes the best of your Christmas present and helps sort out your wannabe a guitarist's New Years Resolution.  And, if your own resolution was to get them started on a musical instrument, that's two NY resolutions sorted in one hit!  Simple!

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