GCQ - Live at the Hither Green Taproom - Friday 19th November

So what's happening? Well, the Green Chain Quartet and various guests continue to perform monthly at Brockley Brewery's - Hither Green Tap Room on Fridays for jazzy blues nights.  Next date: Friday 19th November 8-10pm.

It's a nice hipster vibe: Great beers, cool jazz and blues, deck chairs, lanterns, nice tacos, fire pits to keep you warm and a superb ambience.

Check the taco menu: https://www.tacocollective.co.uk/

Check the beer menu: https://www.brockleybrewery.co.uk/hither-green-taproom 

Check the band: Green Chain Quartet website for full details.

In the pink.. The Green Chain Quartet on function duty