RGT Exam Deadline & New Acoustic Guitar Syllabus

Yo! Just a reminder about the RGT@LCM exam entry deadlines for the Winter Session: the deadline for paper entries is 1st October, online entries can be made - via RGT.org - until 8th October.  

Late paper entries will be accepted, with current late fees, until 8th October.

Note: In response to teacher feedback from previous Session, RGT recommend for candidates (and / or teachers) to bring backing tracks on a smartphone, a pad or a laptop together with a portable (Bluetooth) speaker they could connect their device to – as a back up to a CD.

Also: The new Acoustic Guitar Syllabus and Handbooks will be available very soon. Please check https://lcme.uwl.ac.uk/exams/guitar-ukulele/acoustic-guitar for more details and look out for updates on our social media.