Summer Strummers course returns!

Want to learn to play the guitar or ukulele this summer?  Every summer I run a 6 lesson Summer course just for people who want strum a few simple songs.

Ever imagined yourself being able to strum songs by the campfire, on the beach, or leading a sing-along at parties, impressing friends and relatives? Or maybe as a personal challenge, just for your own enjoyment?  Well you can.

This is a 6 lesson course for absolute beginners, no experience necessary. All you need is an acoustic guitar, or ukulele, short spaces of time for practice and the ambition to learn 6 songs. Simple.

Over the 6 lessons you'll learn 6 songs, 3 of your own choice; a song each week. You'll learn how to adapt the strumming patterns and chords you learn to many other songs.

You can learn solo, share with a friend, pile all the lessons into 2 weeks, whatever suits you, it's your call.

Each lesson lasts an hour; at the end of each lesson an achievable practice schedule is set out, with targets lined up ready to work on.

To book just use the contact form on the right, or email. My lesson fees apply, see the Lessons page for more information.

Whatever you're doing, have a great summer :-)