The Scientific Benefits of Music

There are many benefits to learning musical instrument, or even just singing! 

Find out how music can:

  • Improve your memory - Music and musical training have also been shown to protect the aging brain and keep it healthy.
  • Help with your fitness - Listening to music releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins reduce anxiety, ease pain and stabilise the immune system. The higher the endorphin level, the lower your level of stress
  • Help you heal - Music connects with the automatic nervous system (brain function, blood pressure and heartbeat) and the limbic system (feelings and emotions).  Slower music helps lower heart rate and blood pressure, breath slower and reduce tension in the neck and back. Music is also increasingly used in therapy for brain-related injuries and diseases.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety - relaxing music helps us do just that. It's a great stress reliever. Well documented evidence also shows that casual music-making can short-circuit the stress response system and keep it from recurring or becoming chronic.
  • Improve the quality of your sleep - research suggests people who listen to music before going to bed show statistically significant improvements in sleep quality and a decrease in depressive symptoms. 

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