RGT Spring 2018 exam entry deadline

Reminder! Just in case this has slipped through the net... 

The entry deadline for the RGT Spring 2018 exams is Thursday February 1st. 

By the way. Well done to all my students who took RGT, Trinity and ABRSM grades this year. Take a bow: Holly, Dan, Jack, Lucy, Matt, Ali and Mike.

The secret ingredient to their grade success? Mmmm.... Practice yes, but especially 'smart practice'!

Thinking about doing graded exams in acoustic, classical or electric guitar; bass guitar or ukulele?

For more information see:

My Lesson pages: http://www.davebold.com/p/lessons.html

RGT Website: http://www.rgt.org/index.php

Rock School: https://www.rslawards.com/music/graded-music-exams/guitar

Trinity: http://www.trinityrock.com/instruments/guitar

ABRSM: https://gb.abrsm.org/en/about-abrsm/