The Green Chain Quartet!

The Green Chain Quartet now have their own website at: Green Chain Quartet where you can read about how the band came into being...  We have a long history together of not being The Green Chain Quartet, but always admiring that very groovy style of music.  Finally we got it together, featuring John Gittos on keyboards, Mel Wright on drums, David Morris on saxes and yours truly on guitar.

Green Chain: Live at Birdie Num Nums

The quartet specialise in that funky Jazz-Soul Boogaloo style from the late 1960s/early 1970s. Often featuring a Hammond B3 organ and made popular by B3 players Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Larry Young, and guitarists Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Boogaloo Joe Jones and a young George Benson (!)

Check out the video clips for more info and, if you like the style of music (it's hard not to!), and you are putting on an event, party or whatever.. why not book us?!  Or, if you just want to come and hear us play, check out the live public performances coming up this year. Details at: Green Chain Quartet 

The Green Chain Quartet - Short Cuts  (6 minutes, opens in YouTube)

The Green Chain Quartet - Long Cuts (19 minutes, opens in YouTube)

Live at the Arts Cafe!