Updated: The Cycle of Fifths... Online and interactive!

Most of my students will know the importance of the Cycle of Fifths several lessons into their guitar studies with me.

It's a great tool for practicing the guitar, practicing improvisation, composing/songwriting and understanding how keys, modes, chords and their progressions work.  If you write your own songs you'll find the Cycle (or 'Circle') of Fifths 'wheel' a very useful thing indeed :-)

Now software developer, Rand Scullard, has come up with a truly interactive online version of this important music tool and you can find a free copy here: Rand Scullard - Cycle of Fifths - complete with a detailed 'User Guide'.  Thanks to Carlos at Schwilly Family Musicians for sharing this find.

More on how to use it at the excellent BeginnerGuitarHQ:  https://beginnerguitarhq.com/circle-of-fifths/